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Take Action to Stop Parking Meter Expansion on South Side

Read about it: Mayor's parking meter swindle sold out people to Morgan Stanley


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1) Roll Back & Stop Parking Meter Rate Hikes
2) End the Privatization of the Parking Meters
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Fight Parking Rate Hikes! Money for Jobs, Not Wall Street!
Chicago Parking Meter Campaign

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1. Roll Back & Stop Parking Meter Rate Hikes!

By raising the parking meter fees, the Mayor & City Council are taking money out of our pockets and giving it to Morgan Stanley. Let the people decide parking meter rates, not the banks.
2. End the Privatization of the Parking Meters!
Take Back the Meters! Street and Parks parking is a city service on public property, not a for-profit private business! Mayor Daley criminally handed over  the city's parking meters to Wall Street giant Morgan Stanley for 75 years. The Mayor's nephew, William Daley Jr., is a Morgan Stanley executive. Morgan Stanley has raised our parking rates 400% in most places.
3. No New Parking Meters or Pay Boxes!
LAZ, the company Morgan Stanley hired to run the city's parking meters, and the Chicago Park District, are planning for thousands of new meters and pay boxesand even more rate increases.

For more info or to volunteer call 773-463-0311

Send the Mayor & Parks Superintendent a letter demanding action to roll back and  stop parking meter rate hikes
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7) Boycott the Parking Meters

Send the Mayor & Parks Superintendent a letter demanding action to roll back and  stop parking meter rate hikes

Join the People's campaign: We'll be hitting the street with petitions to roll back and stop the parking meter hikes. We'll also be engaging in street actions, community meetings and much more. Join us in struggle!

Let's fight back. Working people, especially the poor and oppressed, shouldn't have to pay more for the things they need during a time of economic crisis in which millions of people are being laid off. The city should be funding jobs, health care, transit and education, not selling us out the banks.

Initiated by the Party for Socialism and Liberation, a member of the ANSWER Coalition

Take Action Now to Stop Parking Meter Expansion on the South Side!
Call Alderman John Pope at 773-721-1999

24-hour vigil by community center has stopped city from installing new parking meters in front of the center. Centro Communitario Juan Diego provides vital services to workers, the poor and immigrants in need. Call the Alderman now and tell him, "No meters outside the community center."

Join the Protest at City Hall to Stop Parking Meter Hikes & Expansion!
Wed., July 29, 11:30 am

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CCJD will be joining the People's Parking Meter
Campaign at Wednesday's Protest.

To find out more about the campaign to stop the parking meter rate hikes click here 

For over a month, the Centro Communitario Juan Diego on Chicago’s south side has staged militant neighborhood actions and a 24-hour vigil to stop the installation of parking meters outside of their community center.

The community group has marched on the South Chicago Chamber of Commerce and Alderman John Pope’s office and home. They have withstood various attempts by the city and the chamber’s hired security goons to intimidate and silence them.

The vigil has received widespread support from the community and according to organizer Robert Garcia has provided "A sense that the people in our community, poor workers and immigrants, can act together and stand up to powerful business interests."

Over 1,500 petitions have been collected to stop the installation of parking meters outside the center and along Commercial Avenue.

A 24-hour vigil outside Centro Communitario Juan Diego on Chicago's south side has stopped the city from installing new parking meters along Commercial Avenue.

Free public street parking outside the center is very important. The Centro Communitario Juan Diego provides vital social services for the working-class neighborhood, which is made up of mostly Latinos, African Americans and immigrants. The center provides health care and literacy programs as well as distributing food and clothing.

The center also fights for tenants’ rights and against gentrification. The installation of the parking meters, at the request of the chamber of commerce, is part of a wider project by real estate investors and local politicians to take over and "develop" the larger lakefront area on the south side.

In the past couple of years, the campaign of attacks against the community has included fraudulent home inspections, numerous threats against anybody who stands up to the program of neighborhood cleansing and the organization of environmental and antiviolence groups that are playing an underhanded role by providing "progressive" cover for gentrification.

The chamber has pressured small businesses on the same street as the community center to oppose the movement to stop the meters and has printed slanders about the center in its newsletter. The chamber has spread outrageous lies in its publication, accusing the center of encouraging illegal acts, engaging in "illegal" protests and working for "outside" forces.

Alderman Pope arrogantly dismissed the center’s petitions, saying that many of the petitions looked like they were signed by children.

Workers from all communities in Chicago and beyond should join hands with the south side community and the Centro Communitario Juan Diego as they stand up and fight back against the city’s anti-worker parking meter expansion. To help stop the installation of meters oustide of Centro Communitario Juan Diego call Alderman Pope at 773-721-1999.

Chicago Mayor’s parking meter swindle sold out people to Morgan Stanley
John Beacham
Monday, June 22

Join fight-back campaign to rollback parking meter rate hikes!

On Dec. 4, 2008, the City Council voted 40-5 to illegally sell the city’s parking meters to Morgan Stanley. The vote was taken two days after the sale was made public and finalized. The full contract was not disclosed to the full City Council prior to the vote.

Volunteers collect petitions and handout leaflets on
the street corners between Daley Plaza and
the Thompson Center on June 23

For a paltry sum of $1.15 billion (reasonable estimates put the actual worth of the deal at $5 billion), 36,000 meters were sold behind the backs of the people to the finance company for a period of 75 years.

The bank took possession of the meters Feb. 13. Under the agreement, Mayor Daley and the City Council have allowed LAZ, the company running the meters for the Wall Street giant, to raise parking fees up to 400 percent, increase meter hours and days and install thousands of new automated pay boxes. Morgan Stanley is planning to raise parking rates every year until 2013.

Widespread dissent and a grassroots boycott campaign—particularly sparked by a ticket-writing rampage by LAZ—have forced the issue out into the open. It has now come to light that the mayor’s office, secretly working on the sale of the meters for two years, never seriously considered any other bidder except Morgan Stanley. Mayor Daley’s nephew, William Daley Jr, is a Morgan Stanley executive.

The Chicago Park District is also raising parking meter rates, increasing meter hours and installing new meters and pay boxes.

The parking meters, a source of public revenue, collected on public streets, are meant to pay for city services. Now, they have been criminally turned over to a massive private financial institution. Los Angeles and Philadelphia have also pursued privatizing their parking meters.

During the worst economic crisis in a generation, while the failed banks are being rushed billion-dollar handouts and government-guaranteed loans, the mayor and the city are slashing services, laying off workers and making workers pay more for fees and services.

Outrageously, on June 18, Mayor Daley promised $4.8 billion in public money in the city’s bid to win the contest to be the host city for the 2016 Olympics.

People over profits: Money for jobs and people’s needs!

Under the Daley-brokered deal, billions of dollars will be stolen directly from workers’ pockets and flow into hands of the bankers at Morgan Stanley. No politician should have the right to sell-off public property to profit-hungry corporations.

The sale of the parking meters is part of an all-out attack on workers in Illinois. Mayor Daley and Governor Quinn are planning to make billions of dollars in cuts to public services and lay off thousands of people. Badly needed health care and community services for the poorest and most oppressed workers are on the chopping block.

Money should be used to bail out workers and create jobs, not to swell the bank accounts of the rich class of owners.

Private companies, especially banks, by their very nature, put profits before people. By law, they must put the profit margin above all other concerns. Nearly all the capitalist politicians, as is clearly on display in the city’s sale of the parking meters, put the needs of the rich over the majority.

The banks and their irrational system created the economic crisis. It is the banks that, unable and unwilling to lend in an unprofitable economic climate, are forcing the unnecessary layoffs of millions of people and directly kicking millions of people out of their homes. At the same time, Wall Street CEOs of bailed out companies continue to rake in millions of dollars in bonuses—all paid for by working people.

The banks should have to pay, not get paid for the increased suffering of millions of workers, especially workers in oppressed communities, facing the brunt of the economic crisis.

Let’s Fight Back and Take Back the Meters! Join the Party for Socialism and Liberation in demanding the immediate rollback and end to the parking meter rate hikes. To send a letter to Mayor Daley click here.